Meaghan Garick


Hello, I’m Meaghan.

I’m a storyteller.

I tell stories that bring life to brands for employees and consumers alike.

I have spent time in communications, brand, marketing, customer experience, and creative roles. These combined experiences have helped me to form a brand perspective that is grounded in operational reality.

A brand promise should be true to the core – if you’re unhappy your brand reality you change it. You don’t make glossy marketing claims to cover it. A brand is nothing more than where marketing promises and operational realities intersect to create customer experience.

I’m always looking for the story, and how to best tell it. As a matter of routine I write words, take walks, give hugs, trust instincts, be kind, think bigger, think smaller, weigh options, seek balance and create eye-glimmering moments.

I’m looking for other folks to create eye-glimmering moments with.

How 'bout it?


  • brand development
  • employee engagement
  • storytelling
  • employee & customer experience
  • internal communications